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Work Package # 5

Regulation and taxation

Work Package Summary

The overall objective of WP 5 is to improve compliance, coherence, wider implementation and enforcement of fiscal and regulative measures targeting major NCD-risks factors. The WP has the following eight specific objectives: (i) to map and analyse policies and legislative frameworks targeting trade of tobacco, alcohol, foods and non-alcoholic beverages as well as exposure to environmental factors; (ii) to provide knowledge on the use of health taxes and fiscal policies with the aim to enable healthier behaviours; (iii) to improve consumer's food environment; (iv) to promote food reformulation, health-sensitive public food procurement, food portion size standards and the use of a joint nutrient profile model to set different policy actions to address unhealthy diet; (v) to assess and monitor the impact of product labelling for healthier behaviour; (vi) to support the implementation of policies to reduce the impact of harmful marketing; (vii) to strengthen regulatory provisions related to pollution, exposure to hazardous substances; (viii) to develop policy monitoring indicators for prevention of NCD and cancer.


NIPH, Norway


DGS, Portugal