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Work Package # 1


Work Package Summary

The objective of the work package is to ensure that the JA fulfils the necessary administrative and budgetary requirements, as well as fulfils the general and specific objectives set out in this proposal in compliance with the grant agreement. The WP has the following five specific objectives: (i)Efficiently manage the entire JA, guaranteeing that the contractual obligations are accomplished; (ii) Ensure that products of the JA are scientifically relevant and to align scientific and administrative coordination of the JA; (iii) Manage financial and administrative aspects, including management and distribution of the JA funds and supporting partners with administrative and financial issues; (iv) Ensure all project objectives are satisfactorily and timely fulfilled, including reporting, quality control and completion of JA deliverables and milestones; (v) Ensure systematic communication with the European Commission including HaDEA and DG SANTE regarding the progress of the JA; with partners and WP-leaders to assure the implementation of the JA activities according to the plan.


HDIR, Norway


NIPH, Norway